Hello!!! My name is Kiersten Tess. Lovely to make your acquaintance. 🙂 I am an artsy-fartsy, warm hearted girl who is currently going to university for American Sign Language studies. I am hearing but am on my 3rd year of formal asl education and am an active member in the local Deaf community.

Name: Kiersten-Tess

Age: 20 years old

Location: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada


  • TV: Stranger Things!!!, Bates Motel, Supernatural, Dexter, (old) American Horror Story, Switched at Birth, Riverdale
  • Music: Arctic Monkeys, Alt-J, Bears Den, Blink-182, City & Colour, Fall Out Boy, Florence & the Machine, Hozier, the Killers, the Lumineers, Melanie Martinez, the Neighborhood, Nirvana, Panic! At the Disco
  • Hobbies: Art, crafty things, baking, tea, movies, reading, gardening, sewing (i know what am i 80,) friends, music, poetry etc

Looking for…

  • Snail mail! 
    • I would most adore to be pen pals, but corresponding over tumblr or fb is good too! 
  • Anyone 18+, male or female but preferably female. Any gender or orientation is welcome.

Lil more ab me…

  • Bi-sexual, care about the environment, feminist, Deaf community ally! Unfortunately have clinical Depression and Anxiety but workin’ on it everyday.

Fun fact: i am hella flexible. I can eat grapes w my toes.

Feel free to contact me thru my Tumblr
 or my email @ tessp123 @ hotmail. com

I look forward to being buds!

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