Hi my name is Billie, I am 18 years old living in Birmingham, UK. I am very new to pen palling but its something Ive always been interested in!

  • I am currently studying Photography at university and consider myself very arty! 
  • I am very interested in learning a new language specifically Dutch at the moment!
  • I travel allot I’ve been to New York, Amsterdam, Florence and a few parts of Spain but have allot of adventures lined up!!
  • I have a few tattoos, I am rather addicted to it really! from my lovely ones to my embarrassing one 🙂

I’m sure there are allot of things that I’m missing out but with me as a pen pal I’m sure you’ll find out more! I am looking for someone from a different country preferably, but English speaking.

To snail mail email me at bilbo098 @ gmail .com 

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