Let’s go about this old school…


You know when you were in elementary school and could just walk up to a random kid and ask “want to play?” and then BAM, you guys were instant friends…or at least until someone yelled the dreaded “YOU’RE NOT INVITED TO MY BIRTHDAY PARTY!!!” (Thankfully that only happened once to me, but we made good a few days later.)

I want that simplicity back, so here I am!!!


Name: Chelsea
Age: 28
Where I am from: United States, the Midwest to be more precise
Occupation: Full time student that takes up my social life.
Interests: Eating an entire can of Pringles while studying, traveling, trying new restaurants and different ethnic dishes, hiking, kayaking, science


Age: Please be at least 20, any younger and I tend to feel odd…
Gender: Female is preferred
Please be okay with the LGBTQIA community since I am proudly a resident of the L area.
Location: It doesn’t matter, US is nice since the post is shorter, but I am open to abroad as well. Be warned, I don’t speak any other languages.

If you would like to potentially be pen pals or texting pals or what have you, shoot me an email!! 

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