Hello hello! 😀 My name is Camille, 25, and I hail from the Philippines! l am currently working as a freelance theater person doing mostly onstage work, but sometimes I do backstage work as well, so more or less I have all the time in the world..except during rehearsals :))

Im a Gemini, so communication flows in my blood, you can talk to me about everything, anything under the sun just message me and ill get back to you as soon as I can..I dont like making people wait.. I also get attached easily, so im putting it out there as warning. 

  • Likes: Coloring my hair differently,TV Series( though admittedly I still have to catch up on the newer stuff) Music (classical to alternative) sleeping a lot, COFFEE/TEA, cooking stuff, texting/messaging, performing, cold pillows and fluffy blankets. BOOKS (mostly fiction), ancient history. taking random photos, food. cafes, going out alone.
  • Dislikes: Super-Negative people, sexists, racists, close minded people
  • random fact about me: I like reading about forensics, serial killers, and codes.

Looking for a penpal that is preferably around 20 and above, from anywhere is fine, orientation is totally not a problem too 🙂 would love to have someone who I can send emails or chat with over here at tumblr or whatsapp or snapchat :)) like i said I have too much time. then maybe as we get to know each other more we can talk on Skype or send each other stuff 🙂

you can contact me at (ms.camshu @ gmail .com)

thank you!

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