Hello! My name is Jennifer, I’m 22 and I live in Paisley, Scotland. 

So far I have been terrible at this whole pen pal thing; I haven’t sent a single letter. In order to motivate myself, I bought fancy new stationary (and who doesn’t like fancy new stationary?).

I am a musician and an (unemployed) bartender. My life revolves around music (cliche, but true), I listen to pretty much anything, but I’m mainly into Rock, Americana, Country and I was a hardcore Pop Punk kid, so you know I have a sound taste in music.

I am a huge RuPaul’s Drag Race fan, I’m honestly considering a career as a drag queen. I’m also really into Rick and Morty, Archer, Bob’s Burgers, South Park, you know, anything animated with inappropriate humour. I am a reader, especially when it comes to graphic novels and weird dystopian novels. Also, horror movies are my jam. If you don’t think House of 1000 Corpses is the best movie ever, we can’t be friends. 

I could go on all day but, wouldn’t you rather learn more about me when there is fancy paper and glitter involved? (I promise there will be glitter). 

I’m basically looking for someone who likes the same stupid stuff I do and likes writing letters, and maybe even sending cute wee presents. 

It doesn’t matter what gender or age you are, or where you live, I just want a wee pal. Alternatively, if you just want a new Tumblr buddy, send me a wee message and I will share with you my plans for world domination.I will also send you a picture of my dog. 

Send me a message on my Tumblr: http://bleaaach.tumblr.com/


email me: leitch.jenny@hotmail.co.uk

Hope to hear from you soon,

Your friendly neighbourhood Jen

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