Hi looking for a buddy to write to


Hello my name is Allie, I’m 16 & I’m from the United States/North America whatever you wanna call it. Lately I’ve really got into making bucket lists and something I’ve always wanted to do is have a pen pal from another country so here i am. I’d consider myself super outgoing, very loud, curious about life & looking for more adventure in my life. I wanna travel the world & learn about different cultures & meet new people. Plus, i love to write so having a pen pal is perfect for me. I am in high school & not sure what i wanna do with my life but i know it has something to do with people & traveling. Greece and Australia are my dream places to travel so if my pen pal is from there that’d be super cool but I’m down with any country preferably not my own though. I think I’ve said enough about me & I don’t know how this all works exactly but I’m excited!


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