hi! my name is jeejee, she/her pronouns, i’m 19 years old, and i live in alaska, usa!

i’m in my second semester of college and currently working towards a psychology degree!

my interests include voltron: legendary defender, star vs the forces of evil, rick and morty, brooklyn 99, and sometimes anime? (mostly just haikyuu!! and yuri!!! on ice lol) and i love animal crossing as well so i’m always looking for pals to play online with! (i’m a mod on an acnl trading blog so i can totally help you get the things u need for your town lmao)

i’m really into the studyblr thing right now, i love bullet journaling and stationary and looking like i’ve got my life together when i really don’t lol :0) i’m thai, but i can only speak the language, not write it :^( i also speak a teeny bit of spanish and i’m tryin real hard to learn korean, so if there’s anyone who is fluent or just better at it than i am , please help a sister out T0T)

i feel kinda weird for just throwin this out there but i’m a lesbian, so if you’re not cool with that, please don’t even bother. i’m looking for people between 18-20 who are easy to talk to, and at least have a few of these things in common with me. no preference on gender or sexuality at all, just tell me your pronouns when u message me so i don’t accidentally misgender u!!

  • i would call myself an artist, so if we ever get to the point of sending letters, you can expect cute drawings and paintings one of these days!!
  • i’d like an IM friend for now, mostly because i’m not always going to be able to send letters, only occasionally and probably only within the US~ 

my tumblr is
so you can IM me there! my icon is also a pic of me, jsyk!!~
i would prefer instant messaging!

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