Hullo!! My name is Lauren, I’m 19 and from the USA (Michigan to be exact ✋?)

  • Fav bands? Led Zeppelin, the Beatles, Panic! At the disco.
  • Fav movies? Anything scary, funny, or by Quinten Tarantino or Stanley Kubrick.
  • Books? Heck yes! My faves are Brave New World, Miss peregrines, Harry Potter, I’ll Give You the Sun. 
  • I enjoy drawing/crafting (I’m obsessed w my wreck this journal !!) and hiking, I’m pretty outdoorsy.
  • I’m an avid thrift shopper, and a dank meme collector 
  • I’m in college and I’m majoring in social work. 
  • I have a butt load of embarrassing stories (definitely a Hufflepuff) and I always find myself in awkward situations 
  • People say I’m very motherly, so I guess I’m a good listener and give ok advice (I mean that is what I’m majoring in lol) 
  • I like ghost stuff, witchy stuff, cool stuff, weird stuff, double-stuf (oreos), all the stuff. 

Let’s be friends!! 
Insta: laurentaylor62

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