hello, my name is sabrina (or sabs), i am 17 (turning 18 in september), i live in austria (pls its not australia).

My email is sabrinanaehrer @ gmail . com

i rlly enjoy drawing (im not actually good at it but that hasn’t stopped me from doing what i like so well), i also like music (i am learning to play the piano, again im not particularly good at it) for example frank sinatra, billy joel, joy division, panic! at the disco and so on. i also love movies, like classics and new ones and superhero movies especially. I am also a member of the austrian socialist youth, so i am like totally against raciscm, homophobia, fascisim and that sort of stuff

i dont rlly like people that complain like all the time or people that always have to critize everything. also i am not very fond of spinach and raisins lol. as i said i dont like homophobia, rascism etc

random fact – aaron tveit (who played enjolras in the 2012 les mis movie) once answered my question in an interview and that was like the best thing

i am looking for a penpal, an email budy, a package budy or an art pal, like any of those is absolutely cool!! I expect someone who is cool with me being like weird and stuff bc i rlly am and from me you can expect someone who is like rlly nice and always tries to cheer you up when you aren’t feeling your best + memes and sloth pictures!!

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