Hello pals, My name is Gabby or Gabriella and I’m 18 years old. 🙂 I’m from Indonesia and I’m Swiss at heart. I am currently living in Singapore and I’ve been stuck here for 8 years already. 

I just really want to talk to someone. Someone I can talk to daily, at 3am as well as during school hours hahaha Talk about tv shows, boys/girls, weird shit just anything really!! 🙂 

I find myself watching tv shows, seasons after seasons then moving on to a new series. I swear whatever you watched or watching, I bet I already finished it 😉 I’m quite open-minded and love to watch anything I started to watch Korean Drama and also Naruto which I am really getting attached to. ahahaha I’m not that lame I swear! 

 Its pretty much my hobby, but I also love museums, movies, biking, reading and eating but then again sleeping is what I do best. For music, I like a bunch of different types from The 1975 to Skrillex to Flume. I like remixes, indie, rock, pop, electric, dup steps,  and seriously anything but country music. I’m always ready to listen to new music, so if you got any please tell me. :3

Well all you need to know is that I love pugs and seals, I think they are amazing. I’m Muslim but I kinda love bacon so it ain’t working out for me. I’m just looking for an internet friend :) and a long distance kinda thing but hope to become best friends so we meet in the future. :’) 

Please anyone really I donut care. E-mail me or tumblr message me!
E-mail: gabbylorenz7

COME ON, I’M SO EXCITED MESSAGE ME! 😀 ps. this is my first time pen pal-ing so please be patient with me ok. 🙂 

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