Good afternoon!

Name: Maria
Age: 20
Gender: F
Language(s): English (Russian)
Location: Russia
My sources of inspiration: interesting outfits (especially boho, bohemian, bobo, grunge, new look, steampunk and victorian), urban streets ideas (public transport, urban spaces), mountains, study, young teachers, Helena Bonham Carter, music, postcards, summer, hugs, technological progress and when other people are inspired.

I have no good English, especially oral English, excuse me.

Sorry if I behave myself insolently.

I’ll go to the Czech Republic for volunteering in June and I would like to find some friend from there. Sure, I can be for a couple of days in cities by myself (before and after the volunteering), but, firstly, I really like (love) communication, and, secondly, if I would be alone whole trip outside of volunteering – then my parents will be worried (they are also afraid to let me go to my volunteering). In fact, I really want to feel the whole soul of the Czech Republic from the inside. 

About me. I’m study mathematics and computer sience. Earlier I wanted to be a mathematician, but I’m not good for it. So now I want to study computer linguistic.

Since such questionnaires like this are often copy by some bad people to dating communities, I ask you to name a header of a e-mail letter like the name of the in the tubmlr blog.
My e-mail (without spaces): riasn @ yandex . ru
Thank you for understanding.

I hope that I did not frighten anyone. Excuse me. Thank you :3

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