Looking for Fandom Penpal!


Hello, : )

My name is Christina, I’m 28 and I’m from Germany.
I’m looking mostly for snail mail penpals and don’t want to share any of my social media and tumblr yet. Surely I will after we got to know each other by letters but being able to read all about you on your social media accounts already kind of destroys the whole idea of having a penpal for me. We can still switch to email, skype or what ever later.

I’m looking for people I can share my fandom related interests with. While I have my friends all over Germany none of them is really into any fandoms and I miss talking about my favourite characters and the things that interest me about them and their stories. My heart mostly pounds for everything Tolkien and BBC Sherlock (Johnlock is my guilty pleasure ) related, but I watch and read a lot of other series and books as well. For example Doctor Who, Supernatural ( haven’t seen the newest episodes though), Game of Thrones etc.

I also love to draw and to paint. Actually it’s my day job. I’m an artist in the entertainment industry  and illustrate RPGs in the fantasy genre. When you know what Pathfinder and Dungeons & Dragons is, than this is what I do. 🙂 But I also draw and paint just for fun, mostly Fanart of my ships. 😉 Basically I spend 70% of my waking time drawing. The other 30% is reading books/ fanfiction or watching TV shows and meeting friends. With that I’m most likely an introvert but I can be outgoing occasionally.

Beside that I love to travel, especially to the UK. I simply love the people and atmosphere there and even considering moving to England some day.

I don’t care about your location, gender, race, religion, political views or sexuality, but you should be at least 21 years old.  I indentify as female and demisexuell.

Please contact me via elbenherzart@gmail.com if you are interested. Have a nice and lovely day. <3

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