Looking for internet friends


  • Hello, my name is Cathy Bell (not a real name). I would really like to find an internet friend with whom we could communicate. I do not care about sex, age, orientation, and so on. I’m 14. Female. Interests: books, movies, serials (sometimes), anime (sometimes), if you could advise me something cool would be just super! I’m listening to the Coldplay group.
  • At the moment, my favorite movie is “The Perks of Being Wallflower”. From the serials I watched glee, skins (1-3 seasons) and all the old Disney serials:p
    My favorite books: “Harry Potter” (all parts) and “The Dog Purpose”. Animes – Hetalia, K-on, Yuri on Ice.
  • Hobbies: play the piano, write songs, sing, sometimes write poems
  • Something about me: Soooo, i really want to make new friends! In real life I am not really social, but i think in the internet im more open. I am female, feminist a little, but anyway its not that important. Im from Russia, so if you learning russian language, maybe i could help somehow! If you want to know something about culture of this country i think i also can tell. (my english is bad, help)
  • About you: If there is a person who did read this to the end, you are a hero! About you – please be friendly and interested in our talk. (also i always dreamed about gay freind but it doesnt matter хв) 
  • Contacts: https://coldboysolonely.tumblr.com 
    Write me anytime~

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