I am Jason, 21 and from eastern Ohio in the U.S.

A lot of things interest me but to name a few things I’m into I would say big ones are music definitely, mostly alternative rock to be exact, also nature, animals, certain video games (I play on PS4.), hiking/going for walks in my neighborhood, playing my guitars, taking care of my German Shepherd puppy Roxie, also just simply making new friends and meeting new people, and other things you may ask me about if you like. ^_^ 

I am not very picky but my perfect penpal would be someone friendly, open-minded, and willing to make a long-lasting friendship. Ages preferably 18-24.

You can contact me via my Tumblr which is jasonmc16.tumblr.com. Or my email which is mcjason17@gmail.com.

Last thing I’d like to mention is if you do contact me please include a picture if you can. (Not because I really care about what you look like, I just think it’s nicer to be able to put a face with a name. Thanks!)

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