Internet pals wanted!

Hello everyone! My name’s Monika and I’m a 18-year-old girl from a little little country called Lithuania. I’m a high school student as the majority of you all (probably :))

I’m a brand new K-pop fan (I mean I’m not obsessed but I enjoy listening to Blackpink, 2ne1, 4minute, BTS, Seventeen, K.A.R.D.!). I’m in love with singing, watching some movies (my favorite ones would be Memoirs of Geisha, 12 Years A Slave etc.). Also, I enjoy traveling when I can, I’d like to learn languages such as Korean, Russian (I know a little bit of it), volunteer with EVS and many more things.

I’m looking for an Internet friend at the moment. In general, I don’t mind any nationality and it would be great to chat with anyone from 15 to 22/23, but I’d like to find some friends from East Asia as long as I’ve got interested in those cultures recently too :))

You can contact me:
Email –
Instagram – @monikajeez
Tumblr –

See you (hopefully)! 🙂

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