Hi everyone !

My name’s Marine and I’m living in France ! I’m looking for a penpal to practice my English. (and by the way, if you want any help in French, I could see what I can do to help you)

Where do I begin ? I’m 21 Y.O, Art student (in 3D animation). I’m Hufflepuff, and as you can read, Potterhead.

I love movies (try to get my situation right about this. There is a lot of « famous » movies I didn’t see.), TV shows, Music (Rock, Pop rock, pretty much everything a little bit catchy.), … I used to love reading but I don’t really have a lot of time (and I will be really happy if you love that and recommend me some good readings.) and most of the time I’m reading about the world I want to get in. (Animation, movies, …). I’m a horserider (I was. Still have my horse, but I moved on for my studies and I stopped riding.), so if you love animals, it’s always a good point. I love talking about cultures, and sometimes politics (even if it’s not my hobby horse.)

I love playing video games, so if you want to play some of them in multiplayer, it’s cool ! I love role playing too, even if i’m still a novice in it !

Oh ! And I’m cosplaying !

I’m looking for a penpal in any country. Must be around my age, with a great sense of humor. And of course, not afraid of all the kind of mistakes I can do in English. I’m okay to send letters, but it can be great if we can discuss regularly (skype, discord, sounds like a great idea to me.). I’m open-minded to anyone (feel free if you’re a queer, no-binary, gender-fluid, gay, lesbian… I accept everyone as soon as they are friendly).

So ! If you want to contact me, you can on my tumblr : marincsunivers.tumblr.com

or by e-mail : ducc.marinc@hotmail.fr

Have a nice day


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