hi! i’m Nabil . i live in the Bangladesh and im currently 17.

  • I love reading books from different writers. 
    • My favourite novel is Harry Potter. And I love the books of Dan Brown. I have read some of the books including the Da Vinci Code, deception point, inferno. They are brilliant. 
  • same goes for music. 
    • my music taste is a wide variety of things so i cant really pick a favorite, but right now im listening to linkin park. It is a nice band. And I love to hear Taylor Swift, U2, Katy Perry, breaking Benjamin etc…..
  • i like playing music and skyping people or snapchatting people. 
    • i really just like talking and making friends and id like to make some new ones here! i’m the kind of person who never gets bored or annoyed with someone, so feel free to text me all day about whatever you want.

Requirement: Age must be 16 to 18 but if you think that you can tell me those stuffs then you can mail me. I prefer mail than kik. Gender doesn’t fact. Feel free to text. I’m really funny and friendly.

my kik: nabil_7654
My Facebook:

My email: nabilahmed7654 @ gmail. com

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