Name: Sienna 


Location: WA, USA

Email: rsienna22 @ gmail . com

I am interested in an internet friend on any media or even snail mail seems really cool, possible and art pal. 

Please be at least 17-20 yrs. of age, preferably from America but don’t let that discourage you

I really funny, open people. Like really open, or at least willing to open up. Also, I have a lot to say if you’re someone who does the whole one word answer or hates reading we’re probably a bad match. I love horror movies, books, organization and sunny weather. Love adventuring and seeing all kinds of art. Memes because I have a very simple sense of humor. Deep, deep soul crushing talks. Aliens. Conspiracy theories. Overall, I just love learning new things about new people. Everyone has a story worth telling. I want someone I can talk to like a potential best friend. 

DISLIKE: DON’T BE JUDGIN’ ME. All I ask. Well, don’t be hateful either. If you have something bad to say just stop talking to me and pretend like this never happened. It’s that easy.


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