Snail Mail Pen Pal


Hey! I’m Mariah and I’m an 18 year old college student from South Dakota, USA. I’m an English Literature major and a History minor! I go by she/her pronouns and I only speak English.

I’m looking for a snail mail pen pal who would possibly like to start off e-mailing first so we can get to know each other before sending letters! 

Some things about me: I like poetry, painting, horror movies/stories, ancient history, collecting vinyls, drawing, nature, etc. I really love Star Wars and my favorite TV shows are Twin Peaks and The Twilight Zone. I love to travel and learn about other countries but have only left the US twice (sadly), I’ve been to Japan and Mexico!

Don’t contact me if you’re under the age of 16, discriminatory in anyway, and I would prefer to be pen pals with girl (I’m just more comfortable with it).

You can send me a message through tumblr to contact me if you’re interested!

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