Moo! My name is Cassandra, I’m turning 21 very soon and I’m from New Jersey but I’m a college student studying down in Daytona Beach, Florida (US)!

I’m looking for some new snail mail friends! The only particular thing I ask is that you please be at least 18 years old. 

I’m always interested in learning so feel free to teach me all that you know. I’ve edited a few books and blogs for friends and I just helped my friend win a trip to Mexico by revising an essay for her so I thought that was really cool since she’s down there right now! I should mention that I go to school for Human Factors Psychology, Aerospace Life Science and Space Studies so if you have any questions regarding any of those, or anything in general really, I’ll totally take a stab at it!

Ps I have a fluffy grey kitty named Gris (“gree”) so be prepared for photos of him!

Please contact me through my tumblr
any time 🙂

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