hi friends


i’m 16 and a nb lesbian (she/they)! i’m 16 turning 17, and i would love some people to talk to because i’ve been feeling pretty lonely recently. i don’t want to be outed so i won’t include any selfies, my name or too much info about my location, but if you message me i’d be happy to tell you more!

a bit more about me: i love music and poetry and art! my favorite types of music are indie, punk, pop, and sometimes pop punk :0) i write a lot, mostly poetry, and i keep like fifteen journals haha! i also love nature, like flowers and the sky and the moon oh man i am so excited about the moon

who i’m looking for to talk to: anyone lgbt is great, hopefully around my age (like 15-18?), and i would be extra excited if you’re also a girl who likes girls ! (lesbian, bi, pan, etc!!) (but if you think we’d get along i don’t mind how you identify!) i live in scandinavia (europe) and if you live close that would be so cool! but it’s also cool if you live anywhere else!! basically it’s all cool haha

if we become close i would love to do skype calls and maybe even snail mail! also i’m not opposed to the idea of an ldr (as long as you’re girl-aligned and we’re in similar time zones) <33

my url is softx2 ! i hope to hear from some nice folks ! if you’d rather talk on kik or skype that’s cool, let me know! i also have instagram and twitter, just ask me for them

a sidenote: i am mentally ill so if i seem “weird” or anything similar that might be why! i can answer questions if you have any, just please be patient with me <3

take care of yourselves!

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