[name] Sandrine
[age] turning 19 this year
[gender] female
[language(s)] English literate and primary school level Chinese
[location] sunny Singapore

[about me] I spend way too much time trying out everything from drawing to making music to writing and even more time reading fiction, watching fiction, playing fiction or even simply traversing the internet. I enjoy learning but I take longer to grasp the means of testing with each level of education I attain. People intrigue me and I enjoy being around them, not necessarily having their attention all the time. The most intriguing of them all are people who’ve got universes in their heads and can convey these mind-scapes across. 

[what I look for in a pen pal] ideally, a long-term friend around my age (say, 5 years younger/older?) who will share life with me through snail mail but hey let’s start small: a friend to talk to probably once a week/fortnight at the very least? I’m really low maintenance. 

[contact] drop me a message at and I’ll disclose my email there. If we hit it off we could transition to actual letters 🙂

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