Gale. I’m 23 and I’m going to move to Washington State (US)! I’m really excited but I’m off to a place with no one to talk to so a pen pal would be amazing to have, even if you’re on the other side of the world. Hah!

I don’t have any specifications for someone to be my friend but it would be best if you were 18+

I would love to start off with maybe emails and such and jump to snail mail after a bit. I’m a bit of a private person so I’m hoping that whoever decides to say hello will be understanding about that.

I’m a free spirited traveler who’s looking for my next thrill in life. Which is one of the reasons I’m moving up to Washington. Easier to adventure up there.


  • reading 
  • history (ancient)
  • downton abbey 
  • mango sorbet
  • crocheting (I can make scarfs. I’ll make you one)
  • lush
  • green
  • watching movies that I like over and over again


  • olives
  • my nickname
  • doing dishes
  • burnt orange
  • cheap wine
  • books that are slow to read
  • those sticker things on clothes that tell the size. (I always forget to take it off)
  • silly putty

Contact me! You can email me at lucy9999 @ sbcglobal. net and say hi!

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