HIIIIIYA!! I’m Jenni or Jenn, whatever you wanna call me! I’m 18 and I live in New Jersey, USA. I’ looking for a penpal from either DENMARK OR NEW ZEALAND!!!! I am learning dansk right now but would do better with a native speaker! And new zealand because i am actually planning on a backpacking trip next summer of 2018 and would like a friend to talk to about it!

Jersey is not all bad and the part I live in is actually fairly nice.

I am a college student majoring in criminal justice. I also play soccer (or futbol) for my school as their goal keeper.

Hobbies/intrests: I love to hike and fish and learn new stuff! I am a pretty active person but that doesn’t stop me from binge watching netflix for a week. I am a nanny so I love kids. If you can’t find me at work or school or on the field you will most likely find me in a movie theater. I spend almost all my time there or with my head in a book or out hiking in the mountains with friends.
I am far more intresting than just these few things but I dont want to bore anyone who isn’t intrested! Thanks and can’t wait to make some new friends!!


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