hii! i’m reagan. i’m sixteen years old, live in north america (specifically alabama, yuck), and i have a passion for dogs and learning.

so i’m not ever really sure what to say in these little introductions to get people to talk to me. maybe i hope my face didn’t scare you away? though that’s cliche… whatever, i talk a lot.

i’m an infj (i like mbti), i’m a libra, and i hate hot weather (why do i live in south alabama?)! i love dogs, reading, music, learning and volunteering.

my favorite type of dog is probably pit bulls. i have one and he’s the sweetest thing. i’m a huge advocate for animal rights and currently volunteer at a local animal shelter.

i generally read young adult novels and if anyone could recommend more YA or give me some adult novels to ease me in, i’d love it! alexandra bracken, leigh bardugo, and cassandra clare are my favorite authors.

i’m really into ed sheeran, all time low, hollywood undead, muse, hamilton (shoot me now, it was a mistake), watsky, twenty one pilots, imagine dragons, etc… feel free to give me recommendations here too!

my favorite subject is history and i really dislike math. i’m currently in the ib program and i really enjoy it (come struggle with me)! i’m also taking german and i would love to practice with someone from there.

i volunteer with red cross! anything that allows me to help other people, i’m interested. i’m in many volunteering clubs at school!

so yeah, basically, i talk a lot and i’d love more people to talk to! bonus points if you’re from somewhere new and exciting, i love new cultures!

i’m not interested in snail mail at this time, sorry!

please only contact me if you’re over 13 years old and the typical stuff like… don’t be racist, sexist, close-minded… thanks!

kik: decdmcn
tumblr: regenbogenquarz
instagram: reagan.leighann (never use this)

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