Hello everyone, I’m Nori! (Excuse my extremely tired face in this picture haha). I’m a 18 year old uni student from the US! I I took a long break from penpaling for some time, but I’m back and I would love to meet some new friends!

My hobbies/interests: I love to travel and learn about other cultures around the globe. I studied in Japan and am currently studying Japanese, so it would be lovely to have someone to study with. I also plan on studying French. I enjoy reading, cooking, singing, fashion, meeting new people, music, etc. I’m a lighthearted and very goofy person! I love to laugh and just have fun 

I would love to have penpals from all over. I would prefer a penpal outside of the US, but if you live in the US thats wonderful too! We can use snail mail, messengers, email, or whatever. I don’t care about race, religion, gender, etc. Please feel welcome messaging me.

Instagram: 1q28

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