My name is Holly and I’ll be 19 at the end of July. I’m from and currently residing in Brisbane, Australia, and I only speak English I’m sorry.

I’m interested in and have a particular love for musical theatre and dance performance, health and fitness and classic literature.

I love having discussions about what is happening in the world and especially love learning new things and new perspectives. I love anything that will help our planet so I try to be very ecologically aware.

I absolutely detest closed mindedness and unjustified hate and rudeness. Everyone is entitled to their opinion and to have their voice heard and respected so long as long as it isn’t communicated via belittlement or insults. 

I’d love an international penpal whose willing to send letters and or things but if you’re just wanting an email/messenger pal that’s ay okay as well 🙂

You can contact me initially though my tumblr:

🙂 xx

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