Looking for email penpal


Connecticut, USA

Age group: 21-25 (all genders unless you are a creep) mostly females.

Hi! I’m Maryann and I’m looking for an email penpal. I want a penpal that’s reliable and actually comes back to me, and someone that is honest with me. Before I go rambling on about myself, let me share some interests with you.

My interests:

  • I love art. 
  • I love all kinds of animals. 
  • I LOVE books. I can talk about books all day long. 
  • I like music, mostly classical, electronic, and Celtic music. 
  • I’m a causal gamer, and I mean I play games with my 3DS. 
    • You can ask me for my friend code, I’ll give it you. 

I mostly want to exchange emails. I really like typing the “proper” way if I do say so myself. I also like to write in my journal. It helps me pour my heart out and it helps to take away the pain I’m feeling that day. You can ask me anything by emailing me! I hope we can keep in touch!

My email: maryannnardelli93 @ gmail.com

: positivefaerie.tumblr.com/

: ask me first

: ask ( I don’t use it that much) 

Please don’t ask me for skype since I don’t use it anymore.

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