Hi everyone!


Online name: Cherry
I’ll let you know my real name if you ask me for it.
Gender: Female
Age: Turning 23 this year
I’m a full time working adult, but I’ve only worked for a few months. I’m in a science and beauty related industry.

Country: Singapore
Language: English. I can speak Chinese, but I prefer not to write it.

Ask if you want to know any other information!

My interests and hobbies:
I like to do origami, crochet (I’m a novice still), make my own envelopes. I collect stickers avidly, and I have a terrible hoarding issue with those and papers. I started growing cactuses and succulents few months ago, and have fell in love with them. I like to sketch, but not of humans. I like to sketch animals, objects, weird creatures.
In my free time, other than the above, I play the piano (just started again recently), watch dramas (mainly Korean, Taiwan, Singaporean) and hang out with my friends. I also do voluntary work, but I have a long way to go in terms of interacting with people. I’m not very good at maintaining conversations with those I don’t instantly “click” with.

What I’m looking for in my penpal:
Postal mail only. Preferably female, but as long as you don’t mind the gifts I’ll send, and you can send me some once in a while, I’m fine with anyone. I love stickers, pretty paper and handmade envelopes. We can send each other the above mentioned materials during festivities, other than sending letters. I’m not thinking of sending heavy parcels, so I will only send small gifts like these. Maybe sweets, tea, or some other small gifts as well. Of course, exchanging handwritten letters would be the most important thing. I guess I wouldn’t mind if you chose to type out your letter, but I’d be handwriting mine. I will not be sending pictures of myself. If you don’t trust, don’t contact ?

Tumblr: thefallencherry
DeviantArt: TheFallenCherry and EnchantedScience
Ask if u want my email.

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