• Petri, 22, Pennsylvania (USA)
  • I speak English and German
  • Agender (they/them), pansexual
  • Full-time hairstylist
  • Asatruar and witch
  • Otherkin (dragon and monster) and starseed (Orion)
  • Hannibal, Sherlock, Doctor Who (Nine and Ten), Steven Universe
  • I may be in the service industry, but I am definitely an introvert who comes home from work every day exhausted. I’m more into forests and mountains than cities and humans, and I get all nostalgic when I look at the stars. I’m a writer and lover of stories, specifically high fantasy, horror, and sci-fi. I have four tattoos, a septum piercing, and half-inch lobes. I’m professionally diagnosed with depression, anxiety, EDNOS (later anoriexia), and DID (yes, by a real psychologist with a real degree).
mkerrick242 @

  • LF anyone 18+ who’s looking to do tumblr messaging or email.

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