Name: Reona
Age: 17
Languages: English, French, and a bit of Spanish

Likes/interests: This is going to be a long list so, here we go… Dog’s, TV shows (Riverdale, Community, HTGAWM, ATLA, Xfiles), comics (X-Men especially), volunteer work, music (All time low, Ed Sheeran, Pierce the Veil, Kodaline), musical theatre, camping and nature, traveling, history, more

Dislikes: racism, sexism, ignorance, the TV show Bones, animal abuse

Hey 🙂 I’ve had a few penpals before and would love to have a new one! The only requirement is that you’re close to me in age(15-20). Send me a message on my Tumblr, and if we hit it off I’ll give you my email/social media. I’d love to get to know some new people 🙂

Tumblr: @rere-here

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