Name: Lainee (or Lain~)

Age: 19

Gender: female

Language(s): english

Location: Arizona, USA

Interests & hobbies: I dont really do much, scream about shows and things that I’ve seen. Mostly I babysit and clean the house, can that be.. considered a hobby? ??

Likes: from a quick scroll of my tumblr, kpop, anime, and star trek are high on my list of likes but honestly I’m a really opened minded person and I love being introduced to new things and hearing stories from people.

Dislikes: unnecessarily rude people.

What I wish for in a pen pal: someone, be they a boy, girl, something inbetween or none of the above, just someone cool and willing to hear about my boring life of taking care of (not-my) children, who is preferably within the age range of 18-23, to talk to to the point of snail mail being a thing between us! But generally, just people to talk to and learn more about.

How to contact me: you can email me at, if you have LINE you can hmu on there @ ceraceraceratops or you can always message me on here @ probablynotacelebrity

(if you want a picture, message and ask. as long as you’re okay with sending one, I am too.)

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