Hi there! My name is Hannah and I am 18. I live in Queensland, Australia 🙂 I identify as pansexual and would love to make some new friends 🙂 I am currently undertaking a Bachelor of Agriculture and I love anything to do with farming.

I also like to draw, take photos, watch YouTube, listening to music and I love doggos! I am quite shy when starting conversations, but when I begin to talk about my interests, I will not stop! I would like to find someone who is nice and supportive, and can have some deep conversations with and won’t get tired of me talking about how much I love cows!

How to get in contact with me 🙂 

Tumblr; @hannahblossom98

Instagram; hannahblossom98

Snapchat; simbaa98

Kik; hannahblossom9808

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