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Hiii everyone I’m Anna and I’m from the US

I’ve submitted here before but nothing really came of it so I thought I’d try again.

I’m 20 and a half (my half birthday is in a  few days, and yes these things are very srs)

  • I love plants, I work at a greenhouse and I would like to study something horticulture related in college maybe~
  • I’ve struggled with depression and anxiety since I was 14 but in the past year I’ve rly gotten myself together and I believe talking to someone who’s been there or currently experiencing it could be great (not that it’s great at all lmao  but ya kno)
  • I’ve always loved the stars and all the mysteries that space has to hold. My favourite object is the Pleiades :3 I’m really amateur and only use binoculars but I hope to someday own a telescope.
  • I particularly love art (the history of it and making my own), history, mythology, reading, many things sci-fi related, video games, and music. I used to spend a lot of time collecting rocks from the river near my house.

I’m looking for a friend to chat with, on kik or whatsapp (but probably kik first), preferably female ages 17-25 but I’m flexible, if you think we have things in common don’t be shy ^^ I want to make friends who will be around for a while! I have a fiancé so if you’re looking for that kinda thing, don’t lmao

You can reach me thru ask/message on tumblr or through kik! Just introduce yourself pls, I don’t know what to say if you just say hi. I’m not into emailing because I will be faithful to it for a few weeks and then forget to check it im sry ;__;

Kik: attackshipsonfire

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