Hello ♥♥♥♥


Hi my name is Sabrina! or sabi, whatever you want to call me! I’m 21, and i’m from Texas! (USA

I’ve lost contact with many of my pen pals from before, and decided that maybe it’s time for some new ones! I love meeting and talking to knew people and sending snail mail, and i would really prefer to write to someone who has the same interests as me. Age, gender, location, whatever –  doesn’t matter to me 🙂 

I love writing letters, and sending small gifts and/or packages every now and then. I also loveee decorating my letters and envelopes. I keep everything that is sent to me! ♥

Some of my interests are: Anime, arts & crafts, computers, gaming, flowers, polymer clay, doodling, stickers, fishing, dogs and anything kawaii!! 

You can contact me through my tumblr which is sabichann.tumblr.com 
or email me at 
sabrinaolmos29 @ gmail.com 

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