Name: Mallory
Age: 20
Location: MN, USA

Languages: English, French (a little)
Interests + Hobbies: I love reading, especially poetry. I love art and photography, and art history is one of my biggest interests and knowledge areas. I can spend days wandering around an art museum. I’m a sophomore in college, and I’m a Museum Studies and Art History double major. I love studyblr and bullet journaling, as well as art journaling. I’m also extremely into fashion, interior design, and makeup. I love romantic comedies and Quentin Tarantino movies. I’ve traveled quite a bit already but hope to keep doing so forever.

Likes: Museums, concerts, cute stationary, good coffee, rainy days in bed, creme brûlée, Halsey, Hozier, and large bowls of pasta.

Dislikes: spiders and math
What I want in a pen pal: Someone around my age (18+) preferably in college or at least graduated from highschool. Someone to send cute letters/trinkets/recipes/notes back and forth with. Has to be trustworthy and sincere. Preferably with some shared interests, but not necessary.

You can contact me through my tumblr, @blushstudies or by email mallorycay@gmail.

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