England people!


Heya, I’ve submitted a proper ad through here and found lots of lovely people from all around the world, but I decided to make another specific post as well.

I’m looking for people who live in England – mostly the North/North-East part (we’re talking Leeds, Hull, Lincoln, York, Sheffield, Manchester etc.) to become friends with.

I don’t know too many people who are into the same things as me and I’d love to meet people who I could get to know and who would be up for eventually meeting up or adventuring together 😉

I love festivals and gigs, and am into r&b and grime (as well as a few indie bands & 90s cheesy hits). I also love random meet ups with friends and easy chill days. I’m v easy to get along with, am very sarcastic and don’t take myself or anything else seriously so you’re guaranteed to have a good time with me (promise haha)

So if you’re 15-19/20 (-ish) and a decent person who’s up for a lot of spontaneity and good times, hit me up on insta: md.w_ or through email : md.lena00@gmail.com     – I’m a girl, 17 in May.

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