Let’s send some snail mail!


Name: Kate L. 

Age: 22

Gender: Female

Language: English

Location: Wisconsin USA

Interests & Hobbies: Netflix, TV shows, writing, reading, minecraft, crafts, & cooking.


Books:  Harry potter, Anything Stephen King, The Giver series, 50 shades, Hunger Games, Janet Evonavich is a great author too! 

Tv Shows: Omg where do I even start with this one! LOL pretty little liars, Weeds, Shameless, Game Of Thrones, Santa Clarita Diet, House, Family Guy, Rick and Morty, Bobs Burgers, Reign, Bomb Girls, Dexter, Breaking Bad, The Walking Dead, Glee, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, Revenge, The OA, Friends, Travelers, Stranger Things, How I met Your Mother, Jessica Jones, Doctor Who, Torchwood, Eureka, parks and Rec, 30 Rock, Supernatural, pushing Daisies, Lost, Gilmore Girls, Orange Is The New Black, Archer, Sherlock, and a lot more. I’m just forgetting haha. 

Music: Fall Out Boy, MCR, p!@TD, Taylor Swift, Owl City, Twenty One pilots, Ed Sheeran, and more. I’m just being lazy now. 

Dislikes:  Trump. Homophobes. Fat shamers. Tomatoes. panic attacks. Bees. Murders? Idk

What I wish for in a pen pal: I’m looking for someone who wants to do the traditional snail mail thing. It doesn’t have to be a constant communication thing, but just when we have the time to send things back and forth to each other. 

My tumblr for contact: http://americanpsychox.tumblr.com/

ALSO: I have a fiance who I’ve been with for 9 years, and 2 cats, whom I love like they’re children. I’m also a pretty weird person, and have recently been diagnosed with OCD, panic disorder, and anxiety. My psychiatrist thinks this is a perfect outlet for me to meet new people, without the pressure of actually meeting them. So I thought, why not? I’d love to write to people! 

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