Hey there ! ?
My name is Lena, i’m 18 years old and from Germany, Berlin to be specific. I don’t really know what to write here, but in the following i’m trying to tell some stuff about me ( that’s going to be hard though, i’m bad at reflecting myself ?).
I never had a pen pal before and just recently discovered what a really nice thing that is. I love the idea of snail mail, so i guess i’m looking for someone to exchange nice and artsy letters with to get to know each other. I would describe myself as a quiet person, someone who thinks a lot (too much !!) and a little socially awkward. I love to read, watch tv shows ( favorites are GoT, Bob’s Burgers, Sherlock, Stranger Things, Steven Universe and sooo much more) & i love Harry Potter since i’m a child☇
I’m also a lot into art, i really admire it and love to draw. I would say i’m okay at it, i try to improve. Also i like to cook, i’m vegan since march 2016 and really like it.
I go to a school with a psychology profile, i’m in 12. grade right now. My favorite band is Brand New, i also really like Melanie Martinez, Bring me the horizon, Being as an ocean, Twenty one pilots, Panic at the Disco, Fall out boy etc.
other really good things: feminism, memes, girls, taking care of your mental health and cats. That’s it.

Okay, i’m coming to an end now, i hope y’all like what i wrote about myself and i meet some nice people to snail mail with. I’m a very open minded person, so whatever gender, sexuality, religion, nationality you identify with, feel free to contact me ?

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