Hiya Internet!~ I’m Erinn! I have lost contact with most of my pen pals over the years, so I though it was about time to find some new ones! 

I am from Texas in the US. I moved here from practically Mexico so I do also know Spanish (If you want to practice or pick some Spanish up). 


  • LOTR, Harry Potter, Marvel, Sherlock, Doctor Who, Reading, Singing, Writing, Being an all around nerd :b Disney/Pixar, Animation, Artsy things

Kinda Peeps I Am Looking For:

  • Don’t really care about any kind of lifestyle!~ 
  • Only thing is I won’t talk to anyone younger than 17 >> It’s not because I don’t like you, I promise! I just like to be safe! 😀 
  • I’m looking for friends from ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD. 
  • I only speak English and Spanish though o.o I am learning Japanese but it’s not good enough yet. D: 
  • I am up for having a Pen Pal, doing Package exchanges, Snail Mail and just making more friends!~ 

I would prefer anyone contact me through my e-mail:
nagahamaerin @

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