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Name: Jade

: 17

: Michigan, US

What I’m looking for: I would like an Internet friend who talks to me daily and or someone to exchange letters with. Gender doesn’t matter.

More about me: I’m a very kind and outgoing person. I’m loyal and love long deep conversations. I’m non judgemental and am usually pretty open when it comes to conversations. I’m a huge animal lover, especially horses and dogs. I also enjoy the arts. I spend a lot of time painting, drawing, and coloring. When I go to college I plan to major in Psychology and minor in art. I listen to a lot of music – my playlist consists of music from almost all genres. I want to travel the world since my family never really leaves Michigan, so travel will eventually be a big part of my life! Although I live a pretty active life, I do enjoy being lazy and binge watching TV shows. 

If you think we have anything in common or just want to talk, feel free to send me a message!

Ways to contact me:

– jadebaksic18

– jadebaksic

– jadebaksic

– writingacc18 @ gmail.com


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