Looking for pen pal!


Hey guys!

My name is Gabby, I’m from Sydney, Australia I’m a hetero girl and currently looking for  a pen pal to send letters to or email as i don’t currently have a phone! 

Im 16 – almost 17 and in year 12! I’d like to say I’m a bit of artist and passions  revolve around art, music, that sorta chilled out zone as well as reading, social issues and pretty much any history or religion which has developed through out the human race. 

Im hoping to study social work so love talking to people and i have posted on here before but lost contact as soon as i lost my phone – rip and sorry friends

Id love to talk to anyone pretty much and would really think it would be cute if we could send letters or emails about life, someone i can write to when I’m up all night studying or whatever! preferably ages 15 and up

Also want to make some friends and you know socialise, maybe we can meet when either of us travel?

So message me on my tumblr : imsorryitsallablur

or email me at : gabriellejuanita@hotmail.com

 and from there we can either send letters or email !


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