Hello! My name is Micki, I’m a 20 year old college student living in Toledo, Ohio. I’ve been wanting to write more and I feel like this would be a cool way to do it, and make friends. (:

Mildly fun facts about me: I am very much so into Harry Potter. I love plants, primarily succulents (I have 25 at least). I am a big couponer and I love getting great deals. I have been to over 20 concerts (twenty one pilots, blink-182, the wonder years, adtr, many others). I have a cat, he’s silly and stupid and I take way too many pictures of him.

If we share some interests, or all would be rad, I’d love to talk to you. Email or snail mail ? I would prefer snail mail, has a more personal touch. Plus if we become friends I’d totally want to send you some plants or little gifts ? hookups below

Email: liveinthefairytale@gmail.com

Instagram: mickiellen (personal) and ohiosuccs (succulent insta)

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