Unusual Friend Request


I am looking for an unusual friend. Someone with specific interests though it does not matter which interests those might be. Ideally I am looking for someone who talks too much. 

I would like to keep in contact via email. I am a particular hoarder of information: articles, essays, strange but enlightening YouTube videos. It would be nice to share information on anything we care to discuss (or debate).

More abstractly, anonymity appeals to me. For example, I do not feel a need to know what you look like or what job you have. But more if you like your job, if you’re good at it, if you’d rather be doing something else.

Your gender, orientation, and otherwise are of no concern to me but I have a request of 18+ as I am 22. I speak only English and am currently located in England. 

If you are interested you can email me: (kitfisher @ outlook .com). 

Keep it weird. Kit. 

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