My name is Anna and I am from the Czech Republic. I’m seventeen years old and I am a sophomore in high school where I study journalism.

I like Harry Potter, lots of tv shows and anime. I also play on the piano, sing, write stories and read a lot of books. Music is my passion, I really like the ‘alternative’ and also classical music.

I love to talk about the night sky, travelling, some poetry and anything that somes to my mind. I really think a lot and I simply need to share my thoughts with someone who doesn’t mind that at all. I like autumn and winter, a cup of hot tea or coffee.

I’d really love to have a new penpal I can snail mail or send only emails to (so I could also improve my English at least a little bit).

My tumblr is: anna-knew

Email: anniexxfoster@gmail.com

So let me know if you really wanna be my penpal. 🙂

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