Hey the Names Elle (pronounced like the letter L), I live in a seaside village in Lincolnshire in England.

Now more about me… My dream is to travel the world and see all the beauty bestowed upon it, Thailand has always been my dream place to go to and am currently saving in order to make that dream a reality.

I love intellectual deep conversations, conversations about our existence and life in general. I like to know what an individuals passions are and what makes them smile and laugh.

I love inspirational quotes such as from the Dalia Lama, Ghandi, Buddha and so forth. I’ve always been in awe of Buddhism and it’s teachings so try read about it at every opportunity and I even have a Buddhist/Thai theme tattoo sleeve in progress.

I’m know as the friend who takes lots of photos i.e snapchat, Facebook and Instagram because I live cherishing memories and looking back and remembering how I felt at that exact moment in time.

I don’t wish to give too much away as where would the fun and intrigue be if you knew everything about me?!

My preference is email or good old snail mail! Or a mixture of the two, send little trinkets to one another and photos.

*I’m a very open minded person, so if you are racist, homophobic, ableist and so forth do not contact me. There’s too much Hate in the world and I only wish to share Love and Compassion*


My tumblr is 
and my email imnotchangingme @ outlook. com

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