Artsy teen looking for a friend


Hello! My name is Leslie, I’m 17 years old, and I’m from New York, USA. I just love having a pen pal i would love to have more! Here are some things about me and hmu if we have things in common!

  • Likes:
    art, drawing/painting, sculpting, history, politics, intersectional feminism, plants, letter writing, journaling, traveling, my bushy eyebrows, yoga, youtubers (dan and phil, buzzfeed, elijah and christine, David Dobrik, Ben J. Pierce, Conan Gray, Simply_Kenna, etc.), singing, face care (Lush, face masks, stuff like that), my pets, John Hughes movies, movies, some video games, memes, vines, reading, books, taking pictures of my friends and surrounds, Netflix, candles, coffee, tea
  • Dislikes:
    ignorant people, racists, sexists, anti-feminists, meninists, people against / hateful to the LGBTQA+ community, basically if you are a hateful person in general to any group of people, american football, horror movies, math, running
  • Music:
    I like music of all genres, (not really country and screamo metal music tho). 
    • I like:Panic at the Disco, One Direction, Melanie Martinez, Beyonce, Nicki Minaj, Troye Sivan, 5 Seconds of Summer, (some) Frank Ocean, Ed Sheeran, The 1975, Michael Jackson, Conan Gray, Sleeping at Last, Justin Bieber, The Weeknd. Maggie Rogers, Hozier, etc
  • Tv:
    That 70’s Show, Stranger Things, Criminal Minds, Shameless, Boy Meets World, Girl Meets World, Glee

I really would love to meets people from faraway places, so don’t contact me if you live close to NY. Don’t contact me if you support Donald Trump either because we won’t get on very well. It doesn’t matter if you are a boy, girl, or non-binary, I would love to hear from you! Also, it doesn’t matter what sexuality or religion or race you are, as long as we have stuff in common, hmu! 

I am interested in texting and facetiming and snail mail! I love to decorate my letters and send little trinkets and knick-knacks, so i would love someone that likes doing that stuff too! We would have to facetime before we start being pen pals, cuz i don’t wanna be talking to some creep or a catfish. Don’t be afraid to hmu! So to wrap things up…

Pen Pal requirements:

  • Must be between 16-18 years old
  • Must be down to facetime, snapchat, and snail mail in the future
  • We have to facetime before we can become penpals
  • Any gender, sexuality, race, religion, etc
  • Should like things similar to me (duh)
  • Can’t live near New York
  • Has to speak fluent english (though i can speak a bit of french)

twitter: @narryarmada
email: narryarmada99 @

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