Hi guys!

I’m not sure If I have posted here before, but I think there’s nothing wrong anyways, right?

So, I’m a 18 year-old chubby girl from Lithuania ( yep, somewhere in Europe). I’m looking for internet friends mainly, but if we get along along well, we can exchange some stuff as well 🙂

I love singing, dancing when nobody can see me. I’m a food lover.

Also, I’m willing to learn some foreign languages like Spanish or others, it’s my dream and my passion. My goals of life are to volunteer at least once, travel around the world, know people and myself better, have fun with my friends and fa,ily and many more.

I’d like to email with people up to 22 years old, but I don’t care the sexuality. Also, I prefer talking with girls as long as I had some bad experience with guys online, but if you’re a guy without any hidden aim or a girl of course, you can contact me:


or on Instagram: @monikajeez

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