Hi, I’m Gwenn, I’m a 22 years old art student from France currently contemplating life and its possibilities in a one year “far far away from school, please”.
Right now, I’m in my third month stay in Berlin. I took this year after my bachelor degree to live some wild experiences, to meet people, and to get independence in my work and my mind. I thought it would be interesting to have a penpal since it’s a pretty unique way to learn and share from others.

A list of my interests :
 – Arts (from contemporary art, Comic books to drawing characters in a napkin because you’re bored)
 – Horror’s stuff related (my péché mignon sorry)
 – Staying long time in coffee shop rambling about anything (if you know what I’m talking about!)
 – Ginger in my coffee …

I don’t care about age or gender but if you’re a creative person, it would be really cool since I’m eager to hear about what you do and sharing stories and advices .
If you respect the fact I’m not a fluent english speaker and I can do mistake, it would be more awesome too!

So, to my future penpal, nice to meet you !!


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