Seeking Pagan Friend. I am 36, married, and living in Atlanta, GA. I’m looking for a penpal that I can talk about Pagan stuff with. I’ve been a practicing Wiccan in a coven for the past 6 years (and Pagan for at least 12), but it’s not my entire life, and I get along quite nicely with non-Pagans as well 🙂 I love piercings but don’t have any tattoos (yet). Hubs and I have no plans for children but we have our hands full with 4 cats. I’m into crystal healing and reiki, tarot, astrology, Shamanism, spirituality and theory, gothic music, gypsy fashion, all kinds of movies, comedy, you name it and I’ll probably be willing to talk about it. My degree is in computer science, and I’m into video games and in general, I’m just a big nerd and I love to study things. If you think we’d have stuff in common, please send me a message on here to myranndah. I’m open to talking to anyone 20+, but I’d really prefer 30+ because I’m an old person <3


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